Thursday, January 12, 2006

Attention Graduates of Ulpan Etzion

I just checked some emails I neglected while I was away, and saw this invitation (which I'll translate since I can't do Hebrew on this computer):

We hope you are well and that your absorption into Israel is continuing to be good and successful.

Shlomit, the menahelet of the ulpan, is retiring after 40 years in the Jewish Agency and 15 years at Ulpan Etzion.

We are organizing a goodbye party for her on Wednesday, February 15, at 9 pm, at the auditorium at Ulpan Etzion.

We'd be happy to see you, and we'd be happy if you could help us with the arrangements . . .

Anyone who has a story, experience, or special picture with Shlomit or in the Ulpan in general - we'd be happy if you would send it to us.

Handwritten letters are of course preferred in Hebrew, but English is also OK.

You can send it through the mail, or also through email. Our address is:
6 Gad Street
Jerusalem 93467
Tel: 02 673 2568
ronitm at jazo dot org dot il

Please send this letter to all your friends from Ulpan Etzion, etc etc.

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