Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gnome Matter

I've got some serious posts cooking in my brain about Religious Zionism and East Jerusalem (two separate posts) . . . if I dare to post them. If I do, my sister, who makes Bibi Netanyahu look like a hippie flower-child at last year's Sulha, just might never invite me over again. I have to decide which is more important, blogging or ever seeing my nephews again. I don't know, which would you pick?

Anyhow, I love this news story. It reminds me of those hysterical garden gnome scenes in Amelie. (Whaaaaat?!? You've never seen Amelie??? Get thee to thy local Blockbuster and rent that movie now.)

Which reminds me, I've very much been enjoying the cartoons at this site, home of Hallmark's "Hoops & Yoyo." (You'll just have to go there, the next time you have some time to waste, to see what I mean.) This site was quite clearly created by someone who is acquainted with 8-year-old boys, such as my nephew. I especially recommend "What to do on a nice day Part 2" (you can skip Part 1); "The Sound Parts 1 and 2"; and "Campfire Stories: The Runaway Marshmallow Parts 1, 2, and 3." Definitely skip the home movies though; they are really dumb (I mean, dumber than the funny-dumb movies I just recommended).

What do Hoops and Yoyo have to do with stolen garden gnomes and Amelie, you ask? Well, I will tell you. You see, if someone were to, say, buy me these plush Hoops and Yoyo toys (just $6.95 plus delivery! And its not too late for belated Chanukah presents!), I would take them to the Western Wall and other famous sites in the Holy Land, snap their pictures, and create free positive publicity for Israel tourism in the Hoops and Yoyo newsletter and photo gallery. See, I'm all about reaching the masses. Imagine all the Hoops and Yoyo fans who will fill up Israel's hotels after seeing these toys having the time of their lives at Mini Israel and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This could be my next photo series at Chayyei Sarah! "Hoops and Yoyo Do Israel"! (And for those of you who don't know me well: Yes, I know this is silly. And yes, I really will do it. Because it's fun. Nothing wrong with that.)

OK, back to Earth. Several stories to write re: my trip to Be'er Sheva, a closet to re-organize, and a floor to mop. The journalist's life is tres glamourous, no?

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