Monday, January 16, 2006


OK, it is 1:40 in the morning, and I have spent the last one hour and 40 minutes tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep, and unable to. You know why? Because after a week back in Israel I still have horrible, horrible jetlag. And you know why else? Because the same stupid, stressful thoughts keep running through my head, raising my adrenaline levels and keeping me awake.

You know what is makin' me mad? Anyone and everything that has to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is makin' me mad. That includes Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians . . .oh, fine, the entire Middle East . . . the cocky-headed United Nations, the EU, Canada, the United States, Britain, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, the right wing, the left wing, The Big Bad Media, and all the idiots who think that if everyone would just sing John Lennon's "Imagine," the world would be a better place.

I have a bit of patience for Micronesia and Palau, and at the moment the Eskimos are not bothering me.

R., the cockyhead, is makin' me mad!
He Who Must Not Be Named . . . the cockyhead! Makin' me mad!
The fact that I'm even thinking about He Who Must Not Be Named at all . . . makin' me mad!
The dating world . . . so unfair . . . it makes me so mad.

A particular pro-Palestinian blogger with whom I entered into a polite debate on her blog, and now I promised to write a response to her position about the Palestinian desire for a "right of return" . . . which could take me three thousand years . . . so why did I promise to do that? I do not want to do that. I have no time to do that. And just thinkin' about it makes me mad! Feeling like I have any sort of responsibility to defend Israel or explain to other people why they are being cockyheaded . . . makes me mad!

People who blame all their problems on Israel make me mad. People who can not bring themselves to see Israel's point of view make me mad! And cocky-headed American Jews and Israelis who can't see the Palestinians' point of view even one iota make me mad! . . . But not as mad as people who don't spend three seconds considering Israel's point of view.

Stupid, pig-headed commenters to a certain blog, who have been writing nasty things about Nice Jewish Girl, which necessitated my having to spend precious time writing out my opinion in small words so that everyone can understand, make me mad.

Idiotic defenders of Israel who go to pro-Palestinian blogs and think they are doing Israel a favor by writing idiotic comments that make no sense, say nothing of substance, are just there for the sake of being nasty, and are rife with grammatical errors, make me mad. Ugh! Who are these people, and why don't they have IQ's higher than 6?

People with no sense of humor make me mad. People who take the JIBs too seriously, and berate me for asking my readers to vote for me, make me mad.

George Bush makes me really mad. Americans who voted for him in the last election . . . mad!

People who put soda in their babies' bottles . . . makin' me mad!

The "system," or lack thereof, makes me mad. Garbage landfills. Dependence on oil. Slave trafficking. Female circumcision. Poverty. People with curable diseases but no access to health care or medication. Girls who don't get educations. Racism . . . racism is so stupid. People who don't put their kids in seat belts. Government corruption. Child molestation. The New York City public school system . . . don't even get me started. Drunk drivers. Sexists. Glass ceilings. Everyone who is more religious than I am. Everyone who is less religious than I am. Meshichists. Lead paint. Socialism. Capitalism. Communism. Makin' me mad!

[pant, pant]

And don't forget being mad at myself, because I have insufficient funds, and not enough work, and most of the work that I have is boring, and it's all my fault. Dishes not done? My fault. Still haven't taken care of a favor that I promised to do for a friend months ago, and they are relying on me, and I can't get my act together to spend two frikin' hours just to do it? Me bad.

Not doing enough to change all the above things that are making me mad, or even one of them . . . making me mad.

Why can't everyone just see the world the way I do? Or at least listen to everything I say and do everything I tell them without question? The world would be a much better place, let me tell you, if everyone would just listen to me.


Saving the world is not my job.
Saving the world is not my job!
Saving the world is NOT MY JOB!!!

OK . . . I feel better . . . maybe I can sleep now . . .

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