Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When You're Jetlagged, This Passes for Deep Personal Introspection

The Meme of Fours (inspired by Beth)

Four jobs I have had
Camp counselor for pre-kindergarteners
Office temp
College admissions counselor
Researcher at Vh1

Four films I would watch over and over again
Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI

Four films I have walked out on
I have walked out on two films: Flatliners and Duplex.

Four most recent places I have lived
My parents' house in Boston (for a month)
Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York
Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York

Four TV shows I love to watch
I don't have TV service, so I'll list the shows I love to watch at my sister's house when I visit her:
CSI: New York
CSI: Crime Scene Investigators
South Park
Whose Line Is It?

Four most recent vacation destinations
Are we counting visits to family? If so:
New York
Northern California

If not:
Um . . . um . . . I really need a vacation!

Four places I would like to visit
Maine and Vermont in October, in an RV
The Galil, with a car

Four places I would rather be
In bed with a good book
On the beach
In a two-bedroom apartment with a living/dining room, a balcony, and a dryer.

Four websites I visit daily

Four books I really like
Watership Down
Almost anything by Agatha Christie
The Little Ballerina (A Little Golden Book)

Four books I never want to read again
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch
Cry the Beloved Country
Black Boy
(Obviously, my Jewish Day School's attempts at introducing me to the literature and plights of other cultures failed miserably. But really, you can't expect a 6th grader to enjoy One Day in the Life, or a 9th grader who knows zero about South Africa to understand what is going on in Cry the Beloved Country. As a former English teacher, I often say that the surest way to ruin a book is to assign it in high school.)
Ubu Roi

Four of my favorite foods
french toast
macaroni and cheese

Four things about the fantastic four
Um, they are fictional. They are comic strip characters. There is a movie out about them. I'd much rather be the fire guy than the ugly Incredible Hulk guy.

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