Monday, January 16, 2006

Reminder to self:

When you are upset over everything having to do with everything (see last post), do not attend a panel discussion called "Aspects of the Disengagement."

Watching Rabbi Michael Melchior, religious left-wing member of Knesset, arguing (however respectfully) with Eran Sternberg, former spokesperson for the settlements of Gush Katif, was mighty interesting but very sad. I felt a little sorry for Yaakov Katz, a senior reporter for the Jerusalem Post, who was sitting between them, and Anat Sarel, the educational pyschologist (who has been working with the many families still living in hotels) who got to speak for maybe five minutes at most.

I've been attending a whole lot of post-disengagement panels lately. Collecting fodder for a couple of articles I'm pitching around. Once I know what I'll need for publication and what I'm free(er) to blog, I'll post what I can.

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