Sunday, December 05, 2004

Chycks Rock

I totally "get" why some women want to spell it womyn (singular) and wymyn (plural). But the feminism at Barnard, where I coined the term linked to above, is just so in-your-face, and so much of it is just . . . unecessary and annoying. Barnard and other feminist environments would be so much more fun and productive if they were full of chycks instead of wymyn.

Being a chyck is not just about the fact of being female, or feminine, or feminist. It is a state of being, an outlook, a frame of mind. It takes a particular intelligence and sense of humor to be a chyck.

Women are oppressed. Wymyn are angry. Chicks are either airheads, or women who later become wymyn.

But chycks. Ah, chycks! Chycks don't wait for men to give them permission to follow their dreams. They just do it, and they do it in nice clothes. Chycks don't need men, but they like men and want men in their lives. Chycks never, ever undermine each other. Chycks make fabulous girlfriends. Chycks have secretaries, and are nice to them. Chycks work hard, and play harder. Chycks laugh at themselves, but never at others less fortunate than they. Chycks do not wear too much makeup. They do not stay with men who aren't attentive and generous. They do not blame men for every evil under the sun.

They do take care of their teeth and their skin.

And chycks rule!

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