Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Chanukah Wishlist: An Update

The Festival of Lights begins in 2 days, so there is still plenty of time to buy and send/give me one of the variety of presents on my wish list.

A good friend, who requested to remain anonymous, has offered to buy me the soundtrack of "Garden State," to which I say: Thank You!!! She asked me to post that it's "taken," so I won't receive two of them. Halivai that so many of my readers should answer the call to ply Chayyei Sarah with gifts. From your mouth to my readers' ears.

And, a former lurker, whom I have never met, wrote to tell me that she, too, would like to buy me one of the CD's on my list (without specifying which one). Thank you!!!! That is so awesome!

If you plan to get me something from the list and want to make sure that no one else duplicates it, feel free to leave a note with your intentions in the "comments" below. I promise not to check them until after Chanukah. :-)

No, really, I promise.

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