Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Linky Love

OK, so I was totally gonna post about it this morning and be the first one, but I had to be all responsible and go meet my new accountant and then go to my Hebrew class, so Allison and Renegade Rebbetzin beat me to it. But the point is, that Getupgrrl's twin babies are doing OK! Thank God! All that bleeding was not a miscarriage, it was a subchorionic hematoma (no, I didn't know what that was before Googling it, either). The babies are definitely alive and their hearts are beating and this is so great! But as RenReb says, don't think for a second that you're allowed to stop praying for these people!

On a side note, I was really excited when Getupgrrl chose "Sarah" as the pseudonym for her gestational surrogate. However, now it is starting to be a little creepy, seeing statements, right on my screen, like "Sarah's beta doubled nicely this morning" and "Hoping now that Sarah stops bleeding soon so she can save her strength for the babies." It's a little weird. But hey, if Getupgrrl wants to use my name, it's the least I can do for her!

Onward. Odd Todd has posted this year's holiday cartoon. And there is a new episode (#14) of Making Fiends.

And from the "better late than never" file, Lisa ("On the Face") wrote a wonderful post about shopping at Tel Aviv's Carmel Market. So vivid, I feel like I'm there! Plus, she also beat me to the punch by posting about this Bark Mitzvah article from the New York Times. (Really, I really was going to post it when the article first appeared! I promise! I had other things to do!)

Gilly tells us that the Israeli Army is discontinuing its custom of serving "Loof" to the soldiers, a fact which may disappoint David (Treppenwitz), who, unlike Gilly, likes the stuff. But, hey, David can now go and buy the 66 tons of surplus Loof which the army is trying to offload for just 3-5 shekels a can! Guess what I'm eating when I go there for Shabbos?

Thanks to the creaters of JRants for making it easy to see when Jewish blogs are updated. JRants sent me a lot of traffic during the Shabbaton Chronicles period, and I appreciate it. I'll be adding them to my blogroll soon.

If you really want to be made to appreciate life and all you have, stop by sometimes at Seraphic Secret and Five Years Later- both writers have been producing consistently beautiful and heartbreaking posts about the grieving process after the deaths of their respective children.

On a lighter note, Noa loses her Star Wars virginity. Yes, it's true, at her party a couple weeks ago I creamed the big strong men who dared to think they could triumph over me in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. It occured to me while I was wiping the floor with them that it's a good thing all my competitors were "taken," because otherwise I might have had to choose between fighting the good fight or feigning Star Wars stupidity in order to spare the ego of some cute guy. Of course, there's no question what my priority would have been . . . I feign Star Wars ignorance for no one.

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