Monday, December 27, 2004

Good Windfall Tidings

Mazal tov to Noa for finally getting her wages from August-October 2003. Noa had been working for a company that went bust and had lots of, shall we say, unpleasant issues with the owners, and so the employees had to go through a lengthy process for receiving their back pay. Noa now is seeking advice from readers about what to do with the money. :-)

Which brings me to an update about my own potential windfall. As you may recall, the INCOME TAX OFFICE told me in September that "we certainly owe you money," and to come back with more paperwork. A few weeks ago I did go back. Again, I spoke in Hebrew. Again, the clerk - a different one this time- looked at my file and said "You were so overtaxed! We certainly owe you money!" Unfortunately, once again I will have to wait for more paperwork. Since I no longer work for the newspaper that took out too much tax money, I have to wait until 2005, when I'll get the Israeli version of the W-2 forms, and take those in for a formal "din v'cheshbon" ("calculation and judgement") by the INCOME TAX OFFICE.

I hope that Noa's happy windfall karma will come my way!

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