Monday, December 13, 2004

Singles Shabbaton Chronicles Part 14

Friday 11:45 pm

I am in bed. Miriam has stayed in the lobby to talk some more to Levi. Finally she comes back upstairs and, as women will do, we dissect every moment of the Shabbaton.

Miriam tells me that when she went into the breakfast room just now to make some coffee, her chanukiyah – the one which had been ambushed by the Sephardi men – had suddenly burst into a conflagration, the hardware nuts popping off the base with little ping! ping! ping! noises. She’d run to tell the front desk clerk, who poured water onto the chanukiyah.

Miriam and I agree that we have unwittingly checked into Hotel California.

. . . And now that I’m writing this, I wonder how it is that Miriam’s candles, which were meant to burn only 45 minutes or so, actually burned, starting at about 4:15, long enough to explode at 11:30 at night . . . another chanukah miracle? . . . . this is all so creepy . . . .

***** End of Friday Night Chronicles. Stay tuned tomorrow for a more reflective Shabbat day and the after-Shabbat Twilight Zone. *****

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