Sunday, December 12, 2004

Singles Shabbaton Chronicles Part 1

(All names in this Shabbaton account have been changed.)

Friday 10:30 AM

I’m sitting on a minibus in front of Binyanei Ha-uma, waiting to leave for the singles’ Shabbaton in Tiberias. The Shabbaton was advertised as being for “quality singles ages 28-55.” Too wide an age range, but the organizers told me that many men in their 30’s had signed up.

It turns out that from the Jerusalem bus stop alone, about 20 people have cancelled, and there are several who are supposed to be here but have not shown up.

The people who are on the bus are almost all in their 40’s. And 50’s. The men have graying hair and a good number of the women have dyed their hair any manner of tacky colors. It looks like a singles’ Shabbaton for people my parents’ age.

And they are not particularly friendly, either. None of the spontaneous introductions you see among younger people. There is obvious fear in their eyes. And a few of the women start a very annoying argument with the organizer over what time to leave and how much to leave the windows open.

Uh oh.

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