Saturday, January 22, 2005

After Joshua's Dream

You may recall from a previous post here, or on Treppenwitz, that recently a 6-year-old Canadian boy, a Christian, came to Israel under the sponsorship of the Children's Wish Foundation. Joshua recently finished a 2-year course of treatment for leukemia, and right now has a clean bill of health. Last summer, when asked what his "wish" is, he was adamant that the only thing he wanted was to go to Israel to see the site of the Temple, and the City of David, and Hezekiah's Tunnel, and the caves where David hid from King Saul. He also requested to stay in the King David hotel, since "If it's named for King David, it must be good" (indeed, it is a 6-star luxury hotel).

Joshua got his wish, and the family spent a week seeing all the sites that Joshua had dreamed about, plus many more.

I got to meet Joshua and his family while they were here, because I was writing about them for a Jewish newspaper in the U.S. They are very nice, very "real" people. I was quite impressed with them and with the quiet strength of their faith. They actually reminded me of some of my favorite Orthodox friends . . . except that they are Christadelphians, not Jews. :-)

Now they are back in Canada, and Joshua's dad has posted a "summary" essay about their trip on the blog he created to update his family and friends about their sojourn in the Holy Land. It's a beautiful post. Very inspiring reading, especially for those of us who live here and don't stop to think often enough about the wonder of it all.

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