Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mazal tov . . .

. . . to Katamon's resident not-confirmed-anymore bachelor, that man of leisure, my official very tall neighbor who has helped put my suitcases into the little storage areas over my closets which I cannot reach, the very very menschlich, the overall good-guy who came to an otherwise all-female break-fast in my apartment just weeks ago and did not mention he was dating anyone but looking back he sure was in a great mood, the frum, the fabulous, the Brooklyn-accented, the Upper West Side alumnus CHAIM STERN on his engagement to Loryn Plen, formerly of Johannesburg and now of Talpiyot (and soon to be of Katamon). I have never met Loryn, but if she's marrying Chaim she must be one great Chyck.

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