Monday, January 24, 2005

Vote for MEEEEEEEE . . . .

Voting is open for the preliminary round at the new Jewish-Israeli Blog Awards.

One may vote once a day until polls close (for this round) on Sunday morning Israel time (which is the middle of the night, Saturday night, in the USA).

Go let your voice be heard! Especially if your voice is saying "God, I just love Chayyei Sarah. She should win in every category. I'm going to go to the Awards site every 24 hours to vote for her, and only her."

Speaking of which, here are the categories for which I'm in the running, in the order that they appear at the Awards site (with many thanks to those who nominated me):

Best Overall Blog
Best New Blog 2004
Best "Life in Israel" Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Post ("Taxi" -- referring to the post about my fortuitous Taxi ride to Chashmonaim one Friday)
Best Series ("Shabbat" -- referring to the Singles Shabbaton Chronicles)

Three cheers to Dave at IsraellyCool for creating the awards!

Unfortunately for you, I cannot offer any bribes for voting for me, as I'm sure Dov Bear will do shortly . . . but if I win, you'll have helped to spread a little more love and justice in the world, and will move through life knowing that you contributed toward . . . World Peace. Yes. World Peace.

Vote now.

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