Monday, January 17, 2005

The Challenge

I have to admit that lately my Shabbatot have consisted mainly of the following activities: sleeping. eating. setting up/ cleaning up (if I was hosting a meal). sleeping. feeling grumpy because of the internal conflict I have every week about going to shule (long story). feeling grumpy because I'm single. sleeping. eating. reading, either a sefer kodesh or something light. Reading makes me happy. sleeping. feeling grumpy. feeling bored. Grumpy bored feelings interrupted by happy social feelings if I'm having guests over, or if I've been invited to a meal with people who are nice and fun - especially if they are single. And cute.

Now, Sarah Smile challenges us to do something different and special this Shabbat, and then tell her what it was.

My most immediate thought: Make it to shule. Friday night and Shabbat morning. Heck, we may as well throw in mincha and maariv, too, while we're at it.

That would be different and special, indeed.

Any other thoughts? It must be different, special, and very cheap . . . and legal. And halachic.

Hm. Maybe a walk to the kotel in the afternoon, if it's not raining? Anyone from my area (Katamon/San Simon/German Colony/Baka) want to join me?

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