Friday, January 21, 2005

A hint . . .

There are no guarantees in life. I got the assignment. I wrote the article. I emailed it in. I faxed in the payment contract. I provided copious notes and background information for the fact-checkers, just in case. Presumably, everything is as it should be. But things happen all the time. Editors run out of space. Fax machines break at the worst moments. Some editorial decision is made and stories get shuffled and things I write don't make it into the paper, no matter how hard I worked or how much the editors liked it. That's life. You gotta go with the flow.

So, I cannot promise anything.

But you might want to check out the Theater section of tomorrow's New York Times.



It doesn't look like it was in Saturday's paper. Oh, well. Perhaps tomorrow. Or perhaps never (the story will cease to be newsworthy very shortly). These things happen. I've left a message for the editor asking what is the plan.


I don't see it today, either. Haven't heard back from the editor yet. Chances grow slim.

I'm not taking it personally - as I wrote above, stories get dropped for a host of reasons having nothing to do with their quality - but . . . DARN!!!!

I am trying to maintain an "onward and upward" mentality.

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