Friday, January 28, 2005


It's 3:40 in the morning, and I've got this song running through my head.

I remember learning that a principal difference between Judaism and Christianity is that while Christians believe that humans are born sinful and must be redeemed, Jews believe that humans are born with a pure soul, and it is only as we go through life sometimes making bad choices that we cover up (not ruin, just cover up) our goodness with other junk. But fundamentally, everyone has a good neshama (soul), if we could just get past the layers of whatever unhealthy baggage we've each picked up over the years (some more than others).

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone saw the good in each other? Not just "some good," but the good. In their crazy family members, their bosses, their students, their roommates, their children whom they don't understand . . . . If we'd look at each other -- really look into each other's eyes-- until we could honestly say "You are beautiful. You are whole. You are perfect."

I know a lot of people who think they are less than beautiful. They think they are less than whole. The world told them so and they believed it. Some became sad, and some became angry (anger is my personal favorite). It's hard not to believe it when people tell you, sometimes without words, that you are not enough.

I wish they could see what I see. That they are perfect, just the way they are.

And maybe I should learn to see that in myself, too.

And maybe I should go to sleep now.

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