Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wherein my readers ply me with pleasures for the flesh and the spirit

Last night, reader Andrea F., who is in Jerusalem on a “mission” with her synagogue, took me to a dinner for the visitors and for immigrants who used to pray at that synagogue in the US. It was wonderful! Good food, good for my ego that she wanted to meet me, and very inspiring speakers – one of them had half the room (including me) crying by the end, his talk was so beautiful. Plus, the space in which the event was held is the perfect size and location for the UYO weekend I’m planning in Jerusalem for July – I hope I can snag it. And then, on the way home, I looked into the bag of goodies Andrea had brought for me: An Enya CD (Watermark)! And my favorite American magazines! And cosmetics, at half the price of what I pay here! I’m in heaven!

On Friday night, another reader who was previously unknown to me hosted me for Friday night dinner. There were 10 of us at the table, only one of whom I’d known before. New people! Fun people! Nice people! Good food! Happy, happy Sarah!

And Susan (former roommate) mailed me the Garden State CD! I’ve had Frou Frou’s “Let Go” running in my head for days (until now, when Enya is taking its place). Thanks a million, Susan! You are a great friend! Now my CD collection isn’t as small and weak and embarrassing as it was just a few days ago.

Another former roommate, Penina, sends word that there is a care package waiting for me at the home of some mutual friends in Bayit Vegan, for me to enjoy when I have a chance to pick it up. Thanks, Penina!

And then there was the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie candle jar that MSDB (yet another former roommate) threw into my candle package, as a chanukah gift, and which Roseanne and Dan shlepped all the way from Manhattan.

Here’s a picture of Dan at the Kotel the night of our outing there, as captured by his dad from the Kotel Cam website:

It was nighttime when we were there. Dan is in the circle. Posted by Hello

And here’s a picture of Roseanne, posted with her permission from her website:

Roseanne Posted by Hello

Don’t I have a beautiful friend? (I have many, actually, but today we’ll talk about Roseanne). Roseanne was a Barnard Centennial Scholar, and she’s really sweet, and beautiful in every way, and she’s an actress! Check out As the World Turns when they have a hospital scene- she’s the nurse!

One time Roseanne was playing a single Orthodox Jew in a little independent film, and to research the part, she went to the Jewish Center in Manhattan on a Friday night. After prayers, a group of guys made a beeline for her to try to pick her up, which was a bit startling for her, I think. I know how she feels. That happens to me all the time. (cough, cough) Finally she came clean and admitted that she’s a married actress researching a part, and the guys were very happy then to stand around and complain about Orthodox single women and how abnormal we are. Great.

Ok, gotta go. Thanks so much for the gifts, food, and good times, everyone! I love presents. Bye!

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