Thursday, February 24, 2005

Batman vs. Spiderman

I wonder what would happen if you took some of the "heretic" bloggers and locked them in a room for 24 hours with some of the "ba'al teshuva" bloggers and some of the more earnest, passionate FFB bloggers?

It would be, like, a clash between 2 implacable, intractable, irresistable forces!

In this corner: Shaigetz! Mis-nagid! The Hedyot! Chassid/Heretic! Gadol Hador!

And in this corner: Frum Actress! Ba'al Teshuva! Passionate Life! Aidel Maidel! Simple Jew!

Would the Believers convince the Heretics that Orthodox Judaism is beautiful, meaningful, and perhaps even - gasp!- possibly true? Or would the Heretics convince the Believers that Orthodoxy and its adherents are so rife with illogic and hypocrisy that they should run away and never look back? When we opened the doors, would they all be having a kumsitz led by Lazer Brody? Or would we have to send in Renegade Rebbetzin and Treppenwitz to clean up the mess?

Things that make you go "hm."

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