Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Have you voted (for me) yet in the Jewish-Israeli Blog Awards?

Look, people . . . I was never vain enough to expect to win the "Best Overall Blog" category. And I can't expect to win "Best New Blog" against group blogs, who simply have more manpower behind them.

But David is leading by a lot in the "Best Personal Blog" category. Now, you know I love David. Really, I do. I even voted for him once or twice (against myself!) in the preliminary rounds.

But what could possibly be more personal than sharing with you my anger and religious ups and downs? I let you in on the goodnight song, my feelings about dating men with disabilities, and the moment I started to feel uncool. Through this blog, you know just how eccentric I really am.

Geez, just how raw do I have to be, to be the most personal of the personal bloggers? Sheesh. You guys are one tough audience.

The fact that I'm coming in first for Best Series is a small consolation. That Shabbaton sure was personal.

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