Monday, February 07, 2005

Proud to be counted among such people

I must thank David for writing such a beautiful and flattering post about our brunch last Friday with the writers of Ben Chorin and MOChassid. Indeed, there was something magical about it. David I'd already met on several occasions, and in fact I'd spent a Shabbat at his home; it was wonderful to see him again. MOChassid I had met the one time, when he first got to Israel, and again it was special indeed to have more time to talk with him before he returns to the States.

But for me the highlight was meeting Ben Chorin. I must be honest; I'd hardly read his blog at all before going for this brunch. I think I'd looked at it once or twice. About 30 minutes before leaving I checked it out so I'd have a clue, and was impressed. But after meeting him, I'm more impressed. This is one smart and accomplished guy, and he's got something of the mischievous gleam in his eye, and yet there is something pleasingly soft-spoken, almost gentle, about him. Or at least, there was at the brunch!

As David said, we didn't talk about anything of much import, but as the meal went on, I felt more and more strongly that these are three of the nicest men anywhere. I was really sorry when I had to be the first to go, to finish cooking for Shabbat. As I left, it occured to me that I'd just had brunch with three Orthodox Jewish men (read: "patriarchal misogynists"-- or whatever, not my words), two of whom live in the West Bank (read: "settlers who are an obstruction to the peace process"), and therefore, according to all stereotypes, should be Enemy Number One.

But they were so nice.

Yeah, I was the only woman. Yeah, I was the only single. Yeah, I was the youngest, by quite a lot (heh heh). But instead of feeling different or bored or intimidated, I just felt really honored to have spent an hour eating salads and sandwiches with these guys. They are A+ people.

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