Monday, February 14, 2005

Thanks to My Readers

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the first (annual?) Jewish-Israeli Blog Awards. Thanks to you, according to the preliminary results, I've come in third place for "Best Life in Israel Blog," third place for "Best Post," and second place for "Best Series." I'm deeply flattered (though not at all humbled) by these results, especially since the competition was very, very worthy.

I'd also like to thank the 59 people who voted for me for "Best Overall Blog," the 59 folks who thought mine is the "Best New Blog," and the 71 people who voted for me for "Best Personal Blog." Again, I'm flattered but never humbled.

And now, I'd like to draw your attention to the wonderful blogs who placed ahead of me:

Best Overall: Meryl Yourish, Jewlicious, JewSchool, An Unsealed Room, Bloghead

Best New Blog: Jewlicious, Treppenwitz, My Urban Kvetch

Best 'Life in Israel' Blog: On the Face, Treppenwitz (two of my own favorite blogs! I'm so proud!)

Best Personal Blog: Ari Goes Down, Treppenwitz, JewView

Best Post: Meirav Was Two (indeed, one of my favorite contenders), Aliyah

Best Series: Pop Culture Entry (a bitter pill for me to swallow, losing this category, but I offer congratulations to a worthy opponent. I'm trying to be classy about it!)

And of course, a warm "thank you" and "yasher koach" to Dave at IsraellyCool, for a job well done in creating and administering the awards. During the most recent voting period, I got 50-100 more hits per day than I did before; I hope some of those will become new regular readers.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate the attention and support!

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