Friday, February 11, 2005

Morale boost

A few months ago I posted that one day I went to my local paper-recycling bin to discover that overnight, someone had painted it with a beautiful painting! And then it turned out that all the recycling bins in my neighborhood had been painted, each one with a different design. What a morale booster! Where in some other cities there would be grafitti, here we had beautiful works of art, on our recycling bins! It made me really happy.

Lately I've been taking photos of the recycling bins near my house, to share with you. I was meaning to post them soon, and lo and behold, David's Photo Friday post for today is all about "repositories"! So, I hope he doesn't mind if I continue his theme, and bring to you, my dear readers, some of the paper recycling bins of Katamon/The German Colony.

a) If the backgrounds of the photos look dark and wet to you, please bear in mind that it's been raining here lately; it's not always so dreary looking around here!
b) The Hebrew lettering on most of the bins says "lineeyar bilvahd"- "for paper only."
c) Feel free to comment about the ones that you like (or not)

Have a Shabbat shalom, everyone.

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