Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Self-hating Asians or Panderers to the Western public?

Have you noticed that the people in Japan who draw anime always give the characters the biggest, roundest eyes you have ever seen? Is this only for anime that they plan to export to the West, or do Japanese children sit around all afternoon watching cartoons full of characters whose eyes look nothing like their eyes? If the latter, doesn't that suck for Japanese youth, the way that youth in the West are being all messed up by media who badger them to be ever, ever thinner? Why not draw anime that shows powerful superheroes who look identifiably Japanese? Is this a matter of self-hating Asians, or just a matter of them catering to their Western importers? If the latter, why not draw characters who look more Japanese to make the statement that "Asian is beautiful"? It seems so wrong, somehow, for Japanese anime not to have more Japanese-looking people in it.

A few examples (not even the best ones) for your convenience: Characters from Spirited Away, Battle of the Planets, DragonBall Z

Things that make you go "hm."

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